Vote on Which New Twitter Word to Put in the Dictionary

Arika Okrent
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The editors at Collins English Dictionary need your help. They want you to vote for which new Twitter word should be included in their next print edition of the dictionary.

Have you found adorkable (“dorky in an adorable way”) especially useful? Are you a fracktivist (“an activist who protests against fracking”)? Or are you more concerned about fatbergs (“a large mass of solid waste, grease, etc. clogging a sewage system”)? An active and productive form of wordplay has emerged on Twitter in the last few years, and while most terms will come and go, some are bound to hang on.

While none of us can control the future of any particular word, in this case we can at least decide what gets committed to print. In 1000 years, when there’s no more electricity to run our devices and our descendants want to see what we talked about in 2014, what will they learn about us from an old hardbound copy of the dictionary? Vote for your favorite at Twictionary.