Yes, JK Rowling Does Have a Favorite Harry Potter Character

Kwadar Ray
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The final Harry Potter movie was released seven years ago, but the series’ legacy will never die. In addition to the Fantastic Beasts films and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child keeping the Wizarding World alive, JK Rowling herself often takes to social media to reveal unknown details about the magical world she created.

One of the most frequently asked questions Rowling gets is who her favorite character is. While many authors would shy away from picking favorites, Rowling has no problem cutting right to the chase.

It comes as no real shock that Dumbledore is her favorite character, as the elderly wizard is one of the most beloved characters in the series for his role as the headmaster of Hogwarts and a mentor to Harry, Hermione, Ron, and their friends.

Originally portrayed by Richard Harris and Michael Gambon, Jude Law has now taken on the role as Dumbledore in the Fantastic Beasts series.