Adorably Perplexed Kids React to Old Computers


The Fine Brothers are at it again! After having kids react to rotary phones and Walkmans (and making us feel really old in the process), they're now asking kids exactly what they think of an old computer and its accessories. "It's very huge," one boys says. "If you don't have a desk, where do you put this?" a little girl wonders. A young boy compares the computer—which comes from the late 1970s—to "those old televisions that are very boxy." Another little boy sums his thoughts up thusly: "This is very hipster." (Correction, kid: This is very George R.R. Martin.)

The kids can't quite figure out how to turn the machine on and are confused by its lack of desktop screen, mouse, and—egads!—Internet. When told that he would have to hit a reset button before he could do anything on the computer, one boy says, "this is very tedious!" Another compares the process to "pre-flight checks." The frequent error messages lead one child to conclude, "this computer is an error." And you've never heard kids rant until you've heard them rant about having to give a computer a command to solve a math problem. "I don't get it," one boy says, "and I don't understand the 1970s." Watch the video to see the kids react to other old computer accessories, like floppy disks!