Nailing Bike Thieves in San Francisco

Chris Higgins

Have you ever had your bike stolen? Meet your new best friend, Officer Matt Friedman of the SFPD. He sets out "bait bikes" and gleefully takes down bike thieves when they're stolen. If you ride a bike, you'll love this:

And yes, the bike-thief-shaming is already happening on Twitter. For example: this guy. You can read more from The New York Times, including this delicious tidbit:

“You should have seen his face — he thought he was in the clear,” said Officer Friedman, 41, who carries a .40-caliber Sig Sauer semiautomatic and an iPhone 5, which he used that day to take a picture of the severed bike lock. He then posted an image on Twitter with the message: Thank You 4 Taking Our Bait Bike.