40 Amazing Ivy League Classes You Can Take Online for Free

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If you’re looking to further your education, there are plenty of opportunities to do so without leaving home. Free college courses are abundant online, and the convenience doesn't necessarily mean you have to compromise on quality. For the best, tuition-free education the internet has to offer, check out these free Ivy League classes compiled by Quartz.

You’ll find courses from Ivy League schools like Harvard, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, and others. While many cover conventional subjects, like marketing, computer science, and Greek mythology, there are plenty of unique classes, such as “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies.”

Many of the courses are self-paced and offer certificates for a fee. That certification may cost as little as $50 to over $100—meaning your class won't technically be free, but it will still be a lot cheaper than attending an in-person lecture at Harvard.

Here are 40 notable free classes being offered by Ivy League universities

  1. “Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies” // Princeton University
  2. “Artificial Intelligence (AI)” // Columbia University
  3. “Animation and CGI Motion” // Columbia University
  4. “The Global Financial Crisis” // Yale University
  5. “Crowdfunding” // University of Pennsylvania
  6. “Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content” // University of Pennsylvania
  7. “Moralities of Everyday Life” // Yale University
  8. “Greek and Roman Mythology” // University of Pennsylvania
  9. “Visualizing Japan (1850s-1930s): Westernization, Protest, Modernity” // Harvard University
  10. “Ancient Philosophy: Aristotle and His Successors'' // University of Pennsylvania
  11. “Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science” // Harvard University
  12. “People Analytics'' // University of Pennsylvania
  13. “Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Part 1: The Electrical Properties of the Neuron” // Harvard University
  14. “Women Making History: Ten Objects, Many Stories” // Harvard University
  15. “Modern Masterpieces of World Literature” // Harvard University
  16. “Robotics: Computational Motion Planning” // University of Pennsylvania
  17. “Buddhism and Modern Psychology” // Princeton University
  18. “Pyramids of Giza: Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology" // University of Pennsylvania
  19. “America’s Written Constitution” // Yale
  20. “Lessons from Ebola: Preventing the Next Pandemic” // Harvard University
  21. “The History of Medieval Medicine Through Jewish Manuscripts” // University of Pennsylvania
  22. “The Science of Well-Being" // Yale University
  23. “Everyday Parenting: The ABCs of Child Rearing” // Yale University
  24. “Introduction to Classical Music” // Yale
  25. “Music and Social Action” // Yale
  26. “An Introduction to American Law” // University of Pennsylvania
  27. “The Age of Sustainable Development” // Columbia University
  28. “Paradoxes of War”// Princeton University
  29. “Microeconomics: The Power of Markets” // University of Pennsylvania
  30. “Modern and Contemporary American Poetry” // University of Pennsylvania
  31. “Effective Altruism” // Princeton University
  32. “Journey of the Universe: The Unfolding of Life” // Yale
  33. “PredictionX: Lost Without Longitude” // Harvard University
  34. “English for Journalism” // University of Pennsylvania
  35. “Calculus: Single Variable Part 1- Functions” // University of Pennsylvania
  36. “Principles of Biochemistry” // Harvard University
  37. “The Health Effects of Climate Change” // Harvard University
  38. “Journey Conversations: Weaving Knowledge and Action” // Yale
  39. “Success” // University of Pennsylvania
  40. “Vital Signs: Understanding What the Body is Telling Us” // University of Pennsylvania

You can find more free online offerings from the Ivys and other top schools at Class Central.

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