12 Talented Pet Portrait Artists

etsy / etsy

Photos of your pets are fine, but to create a true conversation piece, go the fine art route.

1. Crayon Portraits


This artist uses large Crayola crayons to make carved wax figures from popular movies and TV shows. He will also make a tiny wax version of your dog for $75.

2. The pet rock


These rocks painted to look like cats are surprisingly convincing.

3. Very fishy


Immortalize your pet fish with a custom pencil drawing.

4. Pet pendants


This artist turns hand-drawn images of your pets into jewelry.

5. Quilted pets


These quilted portraits can be made into cushions or framed.

6. Fuzzy statuettes


A needle-felted reptile might be a bit odd, but this artist’s technique is perfect for furry pets like dogs.

7. Dawg painter

Alicia VanNoy Call

This artist’s technicolor dog paintings make me want to get a dog just so I can ask her to paint its portrait.

8. Cross stitch portraits


These custom cross stitch portraits are a steal at only $18.

9. Playful watercolor portraits


These watercolors call to mind the lines from the Ogden Nash poem:

“I’ve also found, by actual test, A wet dog is the lovingest.”

10. Parrot portraits


Dogs and cats abound in the pet portrait world, but some artists are also skilled at painting pet birds.

11. Ho ho ho


These custom painted ornaments allow you to hang your pet on your Christmas tree.

12. 3-D


These portraits of reptiles and amphibians are mixed media pieces.