Meet Remus: A Mini Dachshund Who Only Responds to Harry Potter Spells

Natalie Zamora

Teaching dogs tricks can be a difficult task. While our furry friends might be able to sit, bark, or roll over on command, it takes a very patient person to teach their pupper how to do specifically non-dog things, such as skateboarding or solving math problems. Well, one dog owner is showing up pet parents everywhere by merging her vast Harry Potter knowledge with her love for her tiny pooch, Remus.

YouTuber Anna Brisbin, who just by looking at her channel alone is clearly obsessed with all things JK Rowling, took to social media recently to share a particularly impressive video that showcases her miniature dachshund's admirable understanding of various Harry Potter spells. “I taught my puppy Remus dog tricks in the form of Harry Potter spells. Because of course I did,” Brisbin captioned the video.

And yes, it’s as cute as it sounds. (You can see for yourself above.)

If you’re now as obsessed with Remus as we are, his Instagram page—which claims he “love[s] belly rubs and hate[s] full moons”—is full of even more adorable posts. Follow him here.