High-Tech Father's Day Gifts—From 1994

Chris Higgins
Comstock/iStock via Getty Images
Comstock/iStock via Getty Images / Comstock/iStock via Getty Images

Father's Day is coming up. But what do you get for the tech-savvy dad who has everything ... in 1994? Let's go back in time and find out.

Sample quote: "This Screen Phone from Philips will store a Rolodex worth of phone numbers! You'll also be able to access your bank accounts, pay bills without writing checks, or take out a loan without the paperwork. All this for under $800!"

Be sure to check out the segment for "the mobile office" starting around the 2:55 mark. It features: a laptop with an integrated printer ("for under $3000"), a handheld fax machine (which requires a giant, awkward cell phone to operate), and a pager that can receive 120-character messages (but only if the sender calls an 800 number and dictates them to a human operator first). This is one wired dad.

This story has been updated for 2020.