Listen to a 1993 PC Boot Up

Chris Higgins
YouTube / DounutCereal
YouTube / DounutCereal / YouTube / DounutCereal

If you had a PC in the 80s and 90s, you learned to expect certain sounds—the whir of the fan in the power supply, the gentle chittering of the hard drive, the grinding of the floppy drive checking for a disk, the satisfying beep! of the PC passing its power-on self-test. And, if you were lucky enough to install Windows 95, you eventually got that lovely sound composed by Brian Eno.

Here's a video that's mostly notably for its sound. An old PC boots up, and then a printer is powered on and runs through its murderous rampage of paper-feeding and roller-testing. This is a powerful nostalgia trip if you lived with these sounds like I did. Enjoy, and keep an ear out for the pet bird who seems familiar with this PC's sounds: