Take Cover

Yeah, that should do it. I’m always amazed by old films describing to people how to survive a nuclear attack. This one is a British film from the 1970s. Especially entertaining are the makeshift forts they show built starting at the 15:07 mark. What could go wrong?


Drawn Into An International Situation

As a father, I know that little kids' drawings are one of the best things ever. Of course, I’ve never had one of my son’s strand me in a foreign country.


Focusing or Necrosing?

A court in India will be ruling on whether a Hindu spiritual leader is in a really, really incredibly deep meditative state… or dead.



Check out this video of a man climbing to the top of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.


No Last Call

What would you pay for unlimited beer for life?


Star Wars Citations

Watch an annotated version of Star Wars to find out from where George Lucas drew inspiration.


RIP: Ann B. Davis

In honor of her passing, let’s take a look back at six secrets from The Brady Bunch vault.