Weird Swimsuits Designed by Salvador Dalí

YouTube / Vintage Fashions
YouTube / Vintage Fashions / YouTube / Vintage Fashions

You know his artwork, but did you know that surrealist painter Salvador Dalí also dabbled in women's fashion? Swimwear, specifically. You can see his creations in the video below, aptly titled "Nightmare Swimwear," in which one woman wears a painting of eyes over her chest, while another has an inflatable baseball catcher on her back.

Dr. Elliott H. King, Dalí expert and Assistant Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art History at Washington and Lee University, told Business Insider in 2012 that the video comes from a May 1965 Paris fashion show. Dalí had designed the outrageous beach wear for Wisconsin clothing manufacturer Jack A. Winter in a deal that also included sportswear. According to King, "Mr. Winter was a sports enthusiast, so perhaps that combined with the fact that the designs were for sportswear helps explain the blow-up balloon baseball catcher the model wears around her shoulders."

As far as King knows, the designs were never mass produced, but the inflatable portions of the models' outfits did have a second life—as toys in Dalí's pool.