Net neutrality has been in the news lately. Yeah, I know, snooze-fest, right? In this hilarious and occasionally profane clip, John Oliver (formerly of The Daily Show, now of Last Week Tonight) explains why it's a huge deal, and why the phrase "net neutrality" is a stupidly boring name for something so important. Strap yourself in and enjoy:

"Seize your moment, my lovely trolls! Turn on caps lock, and fly, my pretties! Fly! Fly! Fly!" Turns out it worked, more or less—the FCC's comment site crashed after Oliver made his case. Well done, internet. (And for the record, the FCC's site is back up with more than 47,000 comments on net neutrality. Maybe you'd like to leave one?)

For more awesome stuff on net neutrality, check out this CGP Grey video: