The Most Expensive College in Each State

Alvin Ward
Mike Simmons
Mike Simmons / Mike Simmons

A while back we looked at the most selective school in each state. Today's map, also from eCollegeFinder, shows the most expensive schools by state. Some of these logos may not be familiar, so here's the full list with stats. They used total costs for out-of-state students, though in-state students could pay less at the public schools on the map. And remember, these aren't the 50 most expensive schools in the country. Just #1 in each state. 

Correction: A previous version of this map used data that incorrectly listed the tuition at Southwest University of Visual Arts at $43,689. A representative from the school informed us that the actual figure is $22,944. We regret the error. 

The Afternoon Map is a semi-regular feature in which we post maps and infographics. In the afternoon. Semi-regularly. Thanks to Mike Simmons at eCollegeFinder for sending this one over.