The Most Common Cause of Death in Each State

Alvin Ward
Ben Blatt/Slate
Ben Blatt/Slate / Ben Blatt/Slate

Today's map (see larger), from map genius Ben Blatt of Slate, looks at the most common cause of death in each state besides heart disease or cancer. (Here's what the map looks like when you leave in heart disease and cancer, which lead to more deaths than the next eight causes of death combined.)

He also created this version, with the cause of death most disproportionately affecting each state:

[See larger version]

As Blatt points out, this map can be misleading. "You probably would not guess that Utah has the sixth-highest diabetes rate in the country," he writes. "Diabetes just happens to be the one disease that affects Utah most disproportionately." But it does show how certain diseases affect certain regions.

He made several more maps so you can figure out exactly what is going to kill you.

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