Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Future in 1964

Chris Higgins
YouTube / lucidl
YouTube / lucidl / YouTube / lucidl

In 1964, author Sir Arthur C. Clarke (best known for 2001) was asked to predict the future 50 years hence. As a science fiction author, he was pretty good at predicting technology, though he says right up front, "Trying to predict the future is a discouraging, hazardous occupation." And then he proceeds to rattle off a mixture of winning and losing predictions.

My favorite: "It will be possible, in that age, perhaps only 50 years from now [thus: 2014], for a man to conduct his business from Tahiti or Bali just as well as he could from London." Bingo...except, you know, women also conduct business. Anyway, this is a fun watch, especially the bit about bio-engineered "super chimpanzees."

TIP: the first three minutes are classic retro-futurism related to the 1964 World's Fair (underwater hotels!). Around 3:30, we get to the Clarke material.

See also: Stanley Kubrick's letters to Arthur C. Clarke from 1964.

(Via Open Culture.)