What Doesn’t Google Do?

As time goes on it seems more and more certain that Google will one day own the entire world. Need proof? Look at these 10 weird patents they own.


Wedding Day Weather

Most people pray that it doesn’t rain on their wedding day. This couple forgot to pray that there wouldn’t be horrendous wildfires on theirs. There were and it made for some really amazing photographs.


Truth to Power

Honest Trailers takes on The Lion King.


The Most Intriguing Headline I’ve Seen In A Long, Long Time…

The Fight to FInd John Wilkes Booth’s Diary in A Forgotten Subway Tunnel.


You Know the Movie Will Be Bad…

When it has a tagline that is this awful.


An Idea That Oozed

Learn the fascinating origin story of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


Whatever Gets You Through the Day

Watch The Onion’s hilarious take on the modern workplace.