Some people travel far and wide to sit by a hotel pool. That's fine, but if you ask us, a pool of lava is so much cooler! In our July issue, we present a guide to planning your ultimate educational summer.

8 Amazing Volcano Vacations: Why climb a plain old mountain when you could climb a mountain that spews red-hot molten rock?

7 Dangerous-But-Fun Vacations: If volcanos don't wow you, you could always try one of these spots.

5 Writers on Holiday: What do great authors do at their summer homes? Compose our favorite beach reads.

5 Places to Go When You Want to Really Get Away From It All: Hyper-remote must-see destinations for fans of peace, quiet, philosophy, and/or ponies.

The Light Show: Illuminating the mysteries of the Great Smoky Mountains' firefly flash mob.

All-American Road Trip: Covering almost 30,000 miles, the Pan-American Highway offers the most diverse scenery on the planet—and plenty of pit stops.

101 Masterpieces: Do the Right Thing: Twenty-five years later, Spike Lee's paradigm-smashing film about an explosive New York City summer still reverberates.

25 Facts About Lobsters: We cracked open America's favorite crustacean to plate the delicious facts hiding inside.


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