Selective Viewing

If you’ve ever wondered how The Daily Show and The Colbert Report manage to search through a sea of TV and pick out just the right moments, then check this out. The secret is SnapStream.


We’re Taking Over

Yesterday I shared a new game that will allow you to design your own Mario levels. Now this news that Disney is releasing an app that lets you direct your own mini Star Wars scenes.


They’re Taking Over

Check out io9’s list of 12 futuristic forms of government that could one day rule the world.


Dad To-Do’s

Esquire offers up a list of 25 things every dad should teach his children.


The Toughest High School Word Problem Ever

I can’t wrap my mind around the quotes selected by these two side-by-side seniors in their yearbook. I try to and my brain refuses.


History Mysteries

The story behind 12 of history’s most bizarre photos.


A Very Cold Assessment

Here’s everything wrong with Frozen. If you hate this movie, you’ll love this video takedown. Contains NSFW language.