Where Is Loompaland On the Map?

This map plots out a ton of fictional places around the world.


Casey Kasem Counts Down the Letterman Top 10

This video of the late DJ providing the Top 10 list on The Late Show might be my favorite one ever.


Do You Tip the Tablet?

Will tabletop tablet computers in restaurants take the place of servers?


Flying High

These pictures show just how far airplane travel has come (or fallen) since the 1950s.


A Different Kind of Bachelor Party

A group of men out for a bachelor party recently unearthed a 10 million year old mastodon.


Emoji Fans Get :)

A whole bunch of new emoji are on the way. Why exactly are we replacing the English language with these?


Football Flops

Sometimes the most entertaining part of a soccer match is watching the terrible acting by the players trying to draw the attention of the referee. Here are some really outlandish examples of players flexing their acting skills and flopping around on the ground.