11 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Wowbox/Funko/Amazon / Wowbox/Funko/Amazon
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So you still don’t have the perfect gift for your significant other for Valentine’s Day, huh? Not to worry—you may have left things to the last minute, but if you act fast, anything is possible. Here are 11 gifts for your main squeeze that will still arrive by February 14.

1. A Funko Pop!; $7-$12


Funko Pops are the go-to last-minute gift idea, because there’s virtually no subject they don’t cover. If your significant other is into science, pick ‘em up an Einstein Pop. Movies? They’ve got everything from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings to A League of Their Own and The Godfather. There are also Pops based on historical figures, the royal family, ad icons, and the list goes on and on. These adorable 3.75-inch hunks of vinyl are lifesavers if you’re a late shopper.

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2. Paddywax Parks Collection Candle; $30

Paddywax, Amazon

Candles make great all-purpose gifts, whether you’re in a committed relationship or you’ve just started dating someone. Paddywax’s Parks candles have scents inspired by beloved natural parks like Yosemite (cottonwood and oak), Grand Canyon (cactus flower and fern), Great Smoky Mountains (maplewood and moss), Yellowstone (sagebrush and fir), and Glacier (white pine and hemlock). Get your significant other a candle that reminds them of their favorite place or that inspires them to want to visit somewhere new—hopefully with you.

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3. Takeya Cold Brew Maker; $18


Cold brew has gotten suspiciously expensive over the past few years, and if your loved one is a caffeine fiend, you can save them a small fortune with this cold brew maker from Amazon. The whole thing is incredibly simple: just fill the canister with water and put coarsely-ground coffee beans in that middle filter (around 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per every cup of water). Let it all brew in the fridge overnight (think 10-12 hours), and you’ll have incredible homemade cold brew the next morning without paying $5 a pop. If you need a grinder, this one from Mr. Coffee is a solid low-cost option.

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4. Living Language Dothraki; $15

Living Language, Amazon

If date night for you means settling down with the latest episode of Game of Thrones, consider giving your beau the gift of language—the Dothraki language, that is. The 128-page book and one-hour audio course is written by David J. Peterson, the “language creator” who developed Dothraki for the HBO show, and includes all the phrases, vocabulary, and grammar that you need to know, including some words you have never heard before on TV.

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5. Wowbox Canvas and Leather Messenger Bag; $40

Wowbox, Amazon

Has your partner been lugging around their laptop in a ragged backpack for years? Give them an upgrade that will look polished no matter if they’re in the office, on their bike, or at dinner. This unisex canvas-and-leather messenger bag fits laptops of up to 14 inches and has plenty of compartments to keep all their stuff organized.

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6. KitchenAid 3-Speed Hand Blender; $59

KitchenAid, Amazon

Despite its small footprint, a hand blender is one of the most useful kitchen tools around. It can blend, crush, chop, whisk, and puree, processing everything from smoothies to chopped nuts to whipped egg whites. Home cooks and Great British Bake Off fans will be delighted by this KitchenAid immersion blender, which is $35 off right now.

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7. TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller; $19

TheraFlow, Amazon

Nothing says “I love you” like a foot massage. You don’t have to get in there with your own hands, though. TheraFlow’s dual foot-massage roller soothes tired feet, stimulating myofascial release with gentle, sustained pressure as the user glides their feet across the rollers.

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8. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera; $108

Fujifilm, Amazon

An instant camera is one of those slightly pricey purchases that people love but hesitate to buy for themselves. Do they really need to be able to print photos on demand when they just got Portrait Mode? No, but they'll be delighted by the option! Give your beloved the gift of being the most popular person at the party with this retro-looking Fujifilm instant camera, which is conveniently $62 off right now.

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9. Beer and Food Pairing Guide Towel; $14


If your significant other is either always testing out new recipes or dragging you to the latest local brewery, this gift is the perfect marriage of passions. Each kitchen towel features a chart with 40 beer styles (from bright ales to dark stouts) and 61 different food options (including meats, cheeses, and seafood). The chart grid will then indicate if the beer style you have in mind matches with the recipe you want to try with the help of some pint glass-shaped icons. And for wine lovers, the same product exists for pairing vino with dinner.

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10. Chilly Dog Barn Yarn Wool Cat Toys; $20

Chilly Dog, Amazon

Don’t pretend Valentine’s Day is only for human loved ones. Treat the real love of your life—your cat—to a toy they won’t want to put down. Chilly Dog’s Barn Yarn knit toys are handmade and stuffed to the brim with catnip. They come in an assortment of adorable animal designs that your cat (or your significant other's!) will delight in trying to kill.

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11. Chase 'n Chomp Amazing Squeaker Ball; $8

Chase 'n' Chomp, Amazon

Want to get on a pup’s good side this V-Day? Whether it’s for your No. 1 pooch or your new beau’s rescue, this squeaky ball is sure to please. It’s virtually indestructible, even in the jaws of the most aggressive chewers. One reviewer compares her dog’s obsession with it to Golem and his One Ring.

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