How to Tell When You're in Love, According to a 1950 Instructional Video

Hannah Keyser /

"You’re the only girl I’ve dated in two months. We get along fine," Jack tells Nora in defense of his love for her at the start of this 1950 instructional video from Coronet Films. As it turns out, that is not the makings of so-called "mature love."

After receiving some edgy advice from her straight-shooting mother (how did she know she loved dear old dad? "Oh I had been in love several times before. I got so I could recognize the symptoms") that "most people fall in love quite a few times in their lives," Nora knows not to rush into anything with Jack, even if he is a sight to behold on the ball diamond (sic).

The nearly-13 minute mini-drama is one of just dozens of such shorts produced by Coronet between 1946 and the early 1970s. The range of instruction runs the gamut from educational ("Introduction to Foreign Trade") to self-help ("Improve Your Personality") to moralistic ("Fun of Being Thoughtful") to whatever "Are You Popular?" is.