The United States of Revenue

This map lists the highest revenue-generating company from each state (see larger here). Try to guess your state’s before you look. Arkansas, Oregon, and Texas all seem obvious. But I would not have guessed that for New York. If you're confused about any of these choices, there's an explanation on the data-gathering here.


One of the Most Confusing Things I’ve Ever Seen On the Internet

I’ve seen a lot of weird and seemingly useless tech innovations, but an app that literally does nothing but say the word “Yo” raising $1 million is beyond my comprehension. Someone help me out.


For You

Most book dedication pages are boring and straight ahead. These books all went another way.


Honest Video Game Boxes

These redesigns of famous video game names and packaging really get to the heart of the game.


Science Explains: Silly

Specifically the string variety. Here is how Silly String actually works.