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Adorable Elderly People Test Out Google Glass

Erin McCarthy

Normally, the Fine Brothers are confusing kids everywhere by asking them to use old technology. But for their latest video, they've flipped the script, asking elders to react to Google Glass. And the results are hilarious.

One woman compares a piece to her hearing aid; another guesses that it might have something to do with video games. But some of them actually know it's Google Glass!

A number of the elders plop the glasses on their heads like headphones—or upside down—before getting them in the proper orientation. "It looks like I'm part Robotron!" one man remarks. Another yells "space ship 12 calling Earth! Space ship 12 calling Earth!" The seniors take pictures, record video, send an email, use the device as a phone, and accidentally go to porn sites on the internet.

Just don't ask them how to turn it on.