The Before and After Effects

These before and after shots of movie visual effects will remind you just how fake a lot of films are.


I’m So Exciiiiiiiiited

And I just can’t hide it. There’s an unauthorized Saved By the Bell biopic on the way.


Now Here Is A Marketing Challenge

The target market for this company’s services is very specific. If there was a Venn diagram depicting them, they would be the people who live at the intersection of people who use laundromats, people who don’t know where a bank is (or are criminally lazy to the point that they won’t get up and go to one), and people who have no problem paying some money for less money.


Live From Your Freezer

Ben & Jerry’s has created two new flavors in honor of SNL’s 40th anniversary.


Do You Hear That?

You may be one of the people hearing the mysterious Auckland Hum.


Odd Islands

When a piece of land isn’t connected to any other land, sometimes things get interesting.


Gives A Whole New Meaning to Sliding Home Values

They say location is the key to real estate, but I would argue the real key is having a slide inside.