Which U.S. President Are You?

National Portrait Gallery, Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

1. Which of these characteristics describes you best?

A) The first to do everything
B) Adventurous
C) Honest

2. How do you feel about dogs?

A) They’re great!
B) Eh, nah
C) I’m undecided

3. Where would you like to spend your childhood?

A) Virginia
B) New York City, baby!
C) Kentucky

4. What’s your favorite food?

A) Hoe cake
B) Steak and gravy
C) Apples and corn cakes

5. Predict your future: Will you be assasinated?

A) Uh, no
B) Uh oh, yeah

6. Should the U.S get involved in world affairs?

A) No! Isolationism it is!
B) Yes!
C) Eh, maybe a bit?

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Justin Dodd/Mental Floss

Answers: If you guessed mostly “A”: George Washington; If you guessed mostly “B”: Theodore Roosevelt: If you guessed mostly “C”: Abraham Lincoln