Triumph of the World Cup

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog takes on the World Cup. Contains some NSFW content.


You Might Want To Sit Down For This

Oh, wait, no. Stand up. Sitting down is causing you all of these issues.


Investors Are Not Over the Rainbow

You may not have even realized that there was recently an animated Wizard of Oz film. That’s part of the reason it became one of the biggest flops of all time.


Building A Super Suit

Fast Company tried to cobble together an Iron Man suit made from available technology.


Seth Rogen Declares War

North Korea is so upset about an upcoming comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco that they have declared it an act of war.


The Quest for the Cookie

If I don’t get to try these Limeade Oreos, then what is the point of this life we’re living.


The Best Busts

Here are some of the craziest myths ever debunked on MythBusters.