Pantone's New Cookbook Organizes Recipes By Color

Pantone / Pantone

After serving as the world's leading color authority for over half a century, Pantone is getting into the recipe business. The company's latest book, Pantone Foodmood, is a cookbook that prioritizes presentation, with dishes designed to highlight the classic shades in Pantone's famous color guide.

Foodmood features dishes from around the world that all share one thing in common: They use color in playful ways. For the Blue section, Pantone includes instructions for making salad with borage flowers, blue cabbage risotto, and sablé tart with anchovies. For Green, they've devised recipes for asparagus tarts, spinach and pine nut long cake, and pistachio green cakes. The book also lists recipes for yellow (lemon linguini), red (tomato aspic), and purple (fox grape pudding) foods.

If you're someone who likes to eats with your eyes first, Pantone Foodmood is a great source of cooking inspiration. There are 56 recipes spread across eight colors categories, with 40 suggested menus built around different color palettes. And if you're someone who just likes looking at gorgeous food photos, the color-saturated imagery in Foodmood also makes it a great coffee table book.

Pantone Foodmood is now available on Amazon for $31 or at these other retailers: