How Steinway (Still) Makes Pianos

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Steinway & Sons
YouTube / Steinway & Sons / YouTube / Steinway & Sons

Steinway & Sons has been in business since 1853, making pianos. With a century and a half of experience, Steinway has developed a mature process for creating pianos, and it's a lot of work. Here's a nice little video explaining all the steps that go into it—and the first one takes up to one year. Enjoy:

Why the crackly audio? Here's the explanation from Open Culture:

Several decades ago, John H. Steinway (the great-grandson of Henry E. Steinway) narrated an audio tour of the New York factory, where he described the generations-old process of making a Steinway grand piano. In 2011 Ben Niles, the producer behind the documentary film Note by Note, synced the audio tour with present-day footage of the Steinway factory....

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(Via The Kid Should See This and Open Culture.)