11 Incredible Photos of Cities Shrouded in Fog

Rebecca OConnell

Clouds and fog are not the same, but sometimes, when the fog is thick enough, it creates a fairy-tale illusion of a city built in the clouds. 

1. Dubai

Above, you can see a thick layer of fog surrounding the buildings of Dubai.


2. Chicago

Ralph Valasco

Clouds engulf Streeterville, Chicago.


3. London

London Metropolitan Police

Skyscrapers in the Canary Wharf of London poke out of the "clouds."


4. New York

The fog seems to go on forever.


5. Portland

Construction Connection

A building under construction in southwest Portland is nearly swallowed up.


6. Seattle

Komo News

Fog comes crashing over Seattle like a wave, but the Space Needle stands high above the mist.


7. Shanghai

Kanka News

The top of the Shanghai Tower emerges from the dense fog.


8. Sao Paulo


The ghostly fog covering Sao Paulo, Brazil makes for a spooky photograph.


9. Boston

Picture Boston

The Hancock and Prudential Towers are surrounded by a eerie mist.


10. San Francisco


The Golden Gate Bridge is no stranger to fog. In fact, the bridge was painted orange to increase visibility in the otherwise murky landscape. 


11. Budapest


Fog engulfs the Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary.