10 Products for a Smarter Summer


Going somewhere this summer? Put some historical beach reads on your e-reader, stock up on the products below, and hit the road knowing you’re doing this vacation thing right.

1. Turtle Shell 2.0 Speaker, $130

This cute little Bluetooth speaker can go almost anywhere, from the board room to the beach: It’s dirt-proof, shock-proof, and water resistant, with a built-in mic that allows you to take conference calls. Even better, that geometric outer shell—available in a rainbow of vibrant, delightful colors—provides omni-directional sound so you can hear the music no matter where you're standing at the party.

2. Spacecraft Collective Travel Hammock, $150

All you need to use this nylon hammock is two sturdy things to tie it to. Hang it between two trees or even in your apartment, hop in, and relax.

3. Lifeproof LifeJacket Float, $40

No longer will you have to deal with the anxiety associated with bringing your phone on a boat: Lifeproof’s case is both waterproof and buoyant, in a color that assures you won’t lose sight of your device. And you can still use it to take photos and make calls (though you’ll look a little goofy doing it, so keep 'em short!).

4. Speck ShowFolio for iPad Mini, $70

Whether you’re traveling with a bunch of friends or a gaggle of kids, long car rides can be exhausting and annoying, especially when you're dealing with a never-ending chorus of "Are we there yet?" Combining an iPad mini with Speck’s case creates a seat-back entertainment center that keeps everybody occupied when games of Eye Spy get old.

5. Stanley Adventure Cooler, $65

This 16 quart-capacity cooler holds 21 cans and, thanks to a double wall of foam, can keep them cold for up to 36 hours—a must for camping trips and visits to the beach.

6. Coppertone Accuspray

Spray sunscreen is quicker to apply than lotion, and it gives you the nice, even coat you need to keep from getting a burn. It also tends to get all over everything in your bathroom as you’re spraying yourself down. The nozzle on these Accuspray bottles allows you take a more targeted approach, cutting down on that sunscreen cloud.

7. Life Factory Wine Glasses, $20 for two pack or $40 for four pack

The silicone sheaths on these glasses help to cut down on confusion at garden parties—the colors let your guests easily identify which cup belongs to them.

8. Insect Shield Cocoon Rectangular Bag, $50

Mosquitoes: They’re the worst. Stave them off on camping trips by wrapping yourself in this sleeping bag, which is made of Egyptian cotton and treated with Insect Shield technology—it not only repels mosquitoes, but also protects against ticks, ants, flies, fleas, chiggers, and midges.

9. Eagle Creek Docking Duffel in duffel + shoulder bag, $155

What’s that about one carry-on bag and one personal item? This Eagle Creek 2-in-1 bag combines them into one: A shoulder bag zips on and off the main duffel. Go ahead and combine them, then bring something else on the plane. It’s naughty, but also a little nice.

10. Alite Meadow Mat, $39

A lightweight blanket that keeps your butt dry during picnics, beach visits, and beyond is a summer must. This one has permanently attached handles to make transporting it easy, too, and corner loops for stakes to keep it in place.