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This Wireless Stethoscope Lets You Listen In On Nature

Jake Rossen
Stemoscope / Stemoscope
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If you’ve ever been envious of your physician’s ability to grab a stethoscope and get aural information about the heart or a fetus in the womb, the Stemoscope might be music to your ears.

The wireless electronic stethoscope, which is currently enjoying a successful launch on Kickstarter, allows users to position a 1.5-inch device up against the body. A Bluetooth signal delivers data to your phone, where you can listen with a set of headphones. The app also allows you to record the signal for playback at a later date.


The Stemoscope isn’t limited to informal heart or lung examinations. (And obviously, it’s no substitute for professional medical attention.) Part of the appeal of the device is having the ability to eavesdrop on sounds in the world around us. Trees, for example, make detectable noises as their hydration levels change. Some pet owners may find useful to assess a dog or cat’s heart rate. It might also be possible to use it as an aid in safecracking. We’ll leave that to the experts.

The Stemoscope is available for a $29 pledge, with delivery expected in May.

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