This Compact Flashlight Holds 72 Different Camping Essentials Inside

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When you’re packing for a camping trip, what kind of gear is on your checklist? A flashlight or lantern? A first aid kit? Cutting tools? Perhaps a compass, if you’re planning on doing some serious wilderness exploring?

The Camp Supplies tool from Canadian company VSSL has it all. It’s being billed as “the Swiss army knife of camp gear”—and for good reason. In total, it packs 72 camping essentials into one compact piece of equipment that weighs less than a pound.

At first glance, the VSSL Camp Supplies kit looks like any ordinary flashlight. However, the top of the cylinder comes off to reveal several screw-top containers stacked inside. These contain everything from matches to marine-grade rope to water-purifying tablets. If you plan on catching and cooking your lunch, you’ll find fishing gear and fire starters to help you do it. There’s also a wire saw, can opener, gear ties, a durable piece of bamboo cloth, and more. Essentially, it's enough equipment to make Bear Grylls proud.

When you put everything back together again, the tool can be used as a functional flashlight that’s both waterproof and indestructible. It works in four different LED modes—bright, dim, red, and SOS flash—and burns for 40 hours at minimum brightness (or 20 at maximum brightness).

If that sounds a little excessive for your weekend trip to Yosemite or Yellowstone, VSSL also makes a Camp Supplies Mini for shorter excursions. The downsized version contains a rope, razor blade, first aid kit, and tools for sewing and starting a fire.

The Mini version is selling for a discounted price of about $75, while for the full-sized Ultimate Camp Essentials Kit costs about $106. Shipping to the U.S. and Canada is free, and orders will ship out this May.

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