JägerBonds—The Answer to The Age-Old Question: “What Happened Last Night?”


When’s the last time you went out without checking in with or posting on one of your social media platforms? For the generation that aims to always be connected, comes a one-of-a-kind experience brought to you by one of the largest premium spirit brands in the world.

Last month Jägermeister, the top-selling imported liquor in the United States, launched its first-ever mobile app, “JägerBonds,” designed to battle that ever lurking “fomo” some feel when they miss a night out, or to help others answer that typical morning-after question, “what happened last night?”

Download the app for free in either the iTunes or Google Play stores. Start off by giving your night a name—get your creative juices flowing. Invite your friends to join, link your Facebook and Instagram accounts and start snapping away— JägerBonds takes all images and videos from a group of selected users’ social media posts to create a video highlight reel of the group’s night out. The app even lets you go one step further: scroll through popular songs made famous by artists including Fall Out Boy, Eli Young Band and Paul Oakenfold and pick your favorite to give your video the ultimate soundtrack. Relive your “uncommonly great night” the next day, and the days following until you create your next JägerBond.

Take a look at the video below to see how JägerBonds can help you can start capturing your nights and turning them into re-livable memories. Share with us YOUR JägerBonds by including @JagermeisterUSA and #JagerBonds.