Space Junk

Here’s an infographic breakdown of space junk—how much there is, where it is, and how big it is.


The Age-Old Debate

This video finally explores for us which hurts more: being a woman delivering a baby or being a man getting kicked in the, ummmm, area. Slightly NSFW.


The Most Believable UFO Stories

A lot of UFO theories seem crazy, but these ones are so creepy you might be crazy not to believe them.


Flip the Switch, Fall Asleep

Scientists may have identified the part of the brain that turns consciousness on and off.


A Painting That Pops

This amazing 3D painting changes as you get closer and look at it from new angles.


The Random Funny: Ways to Enjoy the 4th

Funny or Die presents 1776 ways to make the most of your Independence Day.