The Machines Are Taking Over

Try reading this article about the coming singularity and not to be terrified.


Pie in the Sky Sci-Fi

Maybe if the machines do take over they can figure out how to invent these gadgets. Are there any left out of this list that you’d  love to have?


A Stylish Entrance

These gorgeous doors must always make an arrival feel special.


The Little Movies That Could

Rolling Stone presents their list of the 30 best American indie films.


Birds and Baseball Don’t Mix

Back in 2001, major league pitcher Randy Johnson was involved in one of the most unbelievable bits of bad timing when he tossed a fastball that hit and killed a bird swooping down low over the baseball diamond at the exact wrong time. It was the kind of freak thing you’d think could never happen again. Well, it did just happen again to a minor league pitcher.


This Will Take You Back

DJ Jazzy Jeff remixing the Super Mario Bros. theme will make you feel like it’s the '90s again.


The Random Funny: Comics and Coke

Joel McHale mocks Jerry Seinfeld by putting together his own series, entitled Comedians In Cars Getting Cocaine.