“Even Cheap People Die”

If you were a cheapskate in life, you mind find yourself spending eternity in one of Little Undertaker’s Modest Urns. Check out the commercial—it’s fantastic.


The End of the Redheads?

Will climate change cause redheaded people to go extinct?


Wonderful Whoops

Here are 10 of history’s happiest accidents.


You Better Walk the Line

How about listening to Johnny Cash read the entire New Testament? Yes, please.


You Know the 50 States…

But do you know all of the USA’s territories? This video will test your knowledge.


That’s One Pricey Salad

A guy started a Kickstarter page to raise $10 to make a potato salad. As of this writing, the campaign has raised $37,080. That’s a lot of spud salad.



You always wondered how you could become a professional triangle player. Now you know.