The Books We Never Finish

Check out this graphic that Goodreads put together on the books that people just never finish. As a former English major, I can personally attest to abandoning a few of these myself.


Film in the Future

Christopher Nolan weighs in with his thoughts on where movies are heading.


Texts About Nothing

It appears that Seinfeld emojis are on the way.


Things Hue Never Knew

Cracked explores five facts about colors that will change how you see the world.


Life Is a Highway

These roads should be driven by every single American at one point in their lives.


What Would Hobbes Think?

The AV Club explores the history of those urinating Calvin car decals.


As Long As It’s Soundproof, Too

A death metal band is playing in an air-tight box until they run out of oxygen. Alright then.