Taste of Cinema

Give ‘Em A Body Bag

Who is the greatest sports movie villain of all time?


Ride the Rails

This common warehouse pallet was converted into a one-man train track-riding transportation device.


All of the Stuff That Will Lose to Breaking Bad

Also known as the Emmy nominations. Whatever you call them, they’re here—and internet shows are taking over.


Cadaver Cake

This is the perfect wedding cake for any coroner.


Prison Is A Cold Place

Frozen and Orange is the New Black have been combined into a hybrid cartoon where Elsa goes away. What took so long, internet? Contains NSFW language.


The Random Funny: The Train CEO

Oli Beale really enjoys photoshopping the CEO of the train company that always makes him late.


So, What Exactly Is Gluten?

There's a funny scene in the film This Is the End where Seth Rogen says “If you stopped eating gluten you’d feel way better. Anytime you feel s****y, that's because of gluten. Gluten is a vague term. It’s something used to categorize things that are bad. Calories, that’s a gluten. Fat, that’s a gluten.” If you didn’t recognize everything wrong with that dialogue, you want to check out this handy guide to gluten.