Today, Adam West is the mayor of a fictional town in Rhode Island, but back in the 60s, he was Batman. Unlike modern takes, this caped crusader was approachable, campy, and downright silly. He fought alongside Burt Ward as Robin, the sidekick with his own Wikipedia Page of catchphrases. Fight scenes included sound effects written on the scene just like in the comics. At least one shark got punched in the face. LIFE was kind enough to let us share a peek into life on the set of this whimsical staple of American television.

Batman stands triumph over the fallen goons in a villain's secret lair. The aforementioned comic sound effect hangs to his right. (Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Adam West on set by the Batmobile. Even the camera has a little bat logo! (Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Adam West out of costume (and in a robe) reviewing the script. (Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

Burt Ward as Robin sits in the Batmobile and makes a phone call. High tech! (Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)

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