The August Issue is On Sale Now!


How’s your summer going? Attempted any impossible feats yet? If not, perhaps the August issue of mental_floss magazine will inspire you to get out of the pool and do something incredible. This month we:

- journey to China to see if what the internet thinks is the “world’s scariest hike” really is
- crash a convention of cryonauts—a.k.a. people who plan to have their bodies frozen after they die with the hopes of being resuscitated at some future date
- discuss the ins and outs of competitive eating with Miki Sudo, as she prepared to dominate this year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest
- hit the trail at the Barkley Marathons, as Jared Campbell becomes only the second person to finish this insane 100-mile race twice
- find out how AJ Jacobs plans to throw the world’s largest family reunion
- reveal how a jazz genius successfully toilet trained a cat

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