Guess the Meanings of These World War I Slang Words

Imperial War Museum, Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain (soldiers); Vadim Almiev/Shutterstock (illustrated scrolls)

1. Crump-hole

A) Foxhole
B) Crater left by an exploded shell
C) A place to hide from the enemy

2. Iron rations

A) Food with a lot of iron
B) Dry emergency food supplies
C) Ammunition or bullets

3. Pogey bait

A) Candy or sweets
B) Letters from home
C) Young women

4. Omms-n-chevoos

A) War horses
B) A cart or wagon
C) Railway cars

5. Blighty

A) Drunken
B) Brave
C) England

6. Napoo

A) Finished or empty
B) A catnap
C) A spiked helmet

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Answers: 1:A; 2:B; 3:A; 4:C; 5:C; 6:A