This Beetlejuice Candle Is the Perfect Accessory for Your Next Seance

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With Beetlejuice the Musical now playing on Broadway, and rumors of an (unlikely) Beetlejuice 2 circulating in the news, it's clear that Tim Burton's 1988 supernatural comedy has left an impact on pop culture. Next time you watch Beetlejuice at home, you can set the mood by lighting a candle inspired by the Handbook for the Recently Deceased.

In Beetlejuice, Adam and Barbara find the Handbook for the Recently Deceased in their home upon returning as ghosts. The glass jar of the officially licensed candle is decorated with art taken from the book's cover. The design around it is inspired by the movie's spooky art style, and features skulls, sandworms, and Beetlejuice's name in three places.

Whether you enjoy holding seances or dancing to Harry Belafonte by candlelight, this 8.5-inch-by-3-inch candle is the perfect accessory. It's now available on Amazon for $19. To learn more about the movie that inspired it, check out these facts about Tim Burton's Beetlejuice.