The Places You’ll Go

A guy that mailed himself. The corpse that rides in style. The globe-trotting book. Just a few of these bizarre stories of transportation.


The Giving Tree

This manually-created tree grows 40 different types of fruit and nuts.


Fairly Odd Phobias

I get being afraid of snakes, or heights. But fear of poetry? Fear of chins? Those are among these weird fears.


On the Dial

Weird Al’s masterpiece cult film UHF just celebrated its 25th anniversary. Here are 25 reasons it’s fantastic.


Man Builds Giant Fart Machine...

... plans to aim it at France. This is not a story from The Onion.


Big Movie, Small Town

Here is what a successful film can do to a tiny little town.


No Camping Out Required

Check out how long (or short) the line to get into the 1983 Comic-Con was.