David Harbour Says the Ending of Stranger Things Is 'Beautiful'

Olivia Montine
Netflix / Netflix

David Harbour, the actor behind chief of police Jim Hopper on Netflix’s wildly successful Stranger Things, is opening up about the planned end to the series.

While no definite end to the show is in sight, it sounds like the cast has a general idea of the endgame for our favorite characters—or at least Harbour does.

Back in November, Harbour revealed that he knows how Stranger Things ends for his character, but in a recent interview with Digital Spy, he made known that he’s privy to much more. "I know the end of the series, and it's beautiful," he stated.

In addition to Harbour, and possibly other stars, knowing the ending, people behind the show have already hinted at there being not only one but potentially two more seasons for the Hawkins crew. And the actor has his sights set on just that.

"I don't think four is enough," Harbour said. "I think five is maybe enough. If you want my opinion, I would like five."

In September 2017, producer Shawn Levy mentioned the possibility of a fifth season, and that a definite fourth is headed our way. In the meantime, fans can expect an intense third season, which will drop on Netflix on July 4, 2019.

[h/t Digital Spy]