When and Where Do People Buy What They Buy on eBay?

Hannah Keyser

People buy a lot of different things on eBay, making it a good source for studying consumer trends. Recently, the research team at eBay decided to map where and when people were buying different specific items, using a total of over 6.5 million transactions that took place over the course of one year.

Obvious results included hot spots of activity in most major cities — and any city with an NBA team when measuring basketball jersey sales. As well as a jump in winter coat purchases during the colder months.

A flurry of activity in December indicates certain items make popular gifts — not just coffee machines and vinyl records but dog and cat clothes, too. Want proof? This is what sales of dog and cat clothes looked like in mid-May:

And here it is just a week before Christmas:

Meanwhile, a typically dark map measuring PlayStation sales lights up just after November 14, the release date for the new PS4.

Play around with the graphic below or on the site here.

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