Steven Tom

Pie in the Sky

More than 700 pounds of chocolate desserts were floated in protest from South Korea into North Korea.


The Cat Woman in the Hat

Just one of the entries in this list of the best Dr. Seuss mashups online.


Perk(olate) Up

This alarm clock streamlines the wakeup process by making you coffee, too. Sort of reminds me of this. Or this.


Clowning Around

Go inside the World Clown Association gathering.


“Her Hair Glistened in the Rain Like A Nose Hair After A Sneeze.”

Yep. You bet that’s part of this list of the 25 funniest analogies gathered by high school English teachers.


So Many Feels

This Cracked video beautifully parodies Upworthy-style tearjerker internet videos.


The 512th Notes Are the Toughest

Don’t drive yourself mad trying to play this piece of music. It’s impossible.