See The Office Stars' Original Audition Tapes—Plus a Few Surprising Could've-Beens

Olivia Montine
NBCUniversal Media, LLC
NBCUniversal Media, LLC / NBCUniversal Media, LLC

It’s always odd to think about what your favorite fictional characters would be like if they were played by completely different actors. In a show like The Office, which features an ensemble cast of iconic characters, it can be easy to forget that any one of those roles could have been played by someone else altogether.

Had things worked out differently, Adam Scott could have played Jim Halpert and shared a desk with either Seth Rogen or Patton Oswalt as Dwight Schrute. Even Steve Carell wasn't the only actor being considered for Michael Scott; Bob Odenkirk was a major contender, too (which makes us wonder if Breaking Bad's Saul Goodman would've been as likeable if played by another actor ... and whether he would have gotten his own spinoff). Well, you can judge for yourself. Fame Focus posted a compilation of auditions for The Office on its YouTube page ... and you may never look at the show the same way again.

[h/t Fame Focus]