Bob Ross Socks Are Here to Brighten Your Day /
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Want to have the happiest little toes while painting happy little trees? You can now wear your love of Bob Ross on your feet.

These colorful socks let you channel The Joy of Painting in a fun and quirky way. Naturally, a fuzzy texture covers the part of the sock showing the painter’s facial hair and iconic afro. (Fun fact: Bob Ross was fairly thrifty, so he kept his hair permed to save money on haircuts.)

The offbeat offering comes from, which sells a variety of nostalgic goodies like Sweet Valley High books, Golden Girls prayer candles, and scented Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony dolls. The fuzziness was added to the socks as a bonus, because, as AlwaysFits muses in its product description, “Who wouldn't want to feel Bob Ross' luscious, curly hair?”

The socks are made of a cotton, nylon, and spandex blend. One pair is suitable for those who wear men’s shoe sizes 8 through 13, while another is suitable for women’s shoe sizes 5 through 10.

You can snag a pair on for $14.50. And if you can’t get enough Bob Ross merch, you may enjoy this Bob Ross coloring book, the Bob Ross Funko Pop! doll, or a Bob Ross heat-changing mug.

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