Planning a Trip Abroad? Here's What You Should Read Depending on the Country You're Visiting /

Traveling and reading are two reliable ways to broaden your horizons and explore new lands—so why not combine the two? An interactive map on offers a suggested reading list for each country you’re interested in visiting or learning more about.

Perhaps you’re looking for the best travel books to read before embarking on a European backpacking trip. One of the suggested books for France, for example, is the classic Victor Hugo novel Les Misérables. Ernest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms is on the list for Italy, while Misha Glenny's The Fall of Yugoslavia is recommended reading for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As for the U.S., the website recommends To Kill a Mockingbird and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. In total, there are 402 books spanning many of the world’s sovereign nations. (However, some countries and island nations were excluded due to the lack of English translations available.)

While the list is far from exhaustive, it’s a good starting point that can “help you better understand the diverse history and culture of different countries around the world,” according to the Expedia Group company.

The map also has a feature that lets you download the reading list for each country, so you can hold onto it for future reference. Check out the “World Travel Through Literature” tool online to start exploring.