Calm. Serene. Relaxing. NYC Subway.

One of those things is out of place, at least until Improv Everywhere shows up.


Bringing Back Brent

Ricky Gervais is planning a new movie about his character from The Office.


Teddy Ruxpin. Garfield Phones. Pound Puppies.

It’s all here in the 1986 Toy R Us catalog.


HINT: They’re Not What Plants Crave

It’s a question straight out of Idiocracy: What are electrolytes?


Well That Was Close

Here is an entire video compilation of crazy close calls.


Measure the Speed of Light At Home

And eat chocolate while you’re at it. This is what they call a Win-win.


The Secret Car Barn

This secret barn supposedly sits locked up with 180 classic cars just collecting dust inside.